Bringing Out Your Dead

Onto the specifics....

The entire story arc is done – at least in my head.

Missions #1-3 should be all written out (the specifics of each encounter/mobs/NPCs/etc.) within the week.

It’s been a little tricky for each encounter to have that interesting “hook” (especially in the lower levels, when the PCs can’t exactly face a sizable marauding horde), but I have some surprises setup for when they move out into the world.

Two words: GIANT TONGUE.

I think I’m easily on-track (if not a little ahead of schedule) to get it all knocked out by the time play starts in May.

Now to design minis for some of these weirdos.

Warp 1......Engage......

Been listening to a lot of the D&D Podcast from lately – and it’s a surprisingly useful resource for ideas. The episode titled “Dungeons” (in which devs relate anecdotes of favorite/best/worst dungeon uses & encounters) was particularly helpful.

I’m shooting for Bringing Out Your Dead to be a fairly straight-forward campaign (no crazy spaceships, firearms, excessive anachronisms, etc.), but with a little twist or “hook” attached to each location and encounter. I want everything to feel familiar – in that classic D&D-flavored way – but with a hint of strangeness, absurdity, or horror attached: “normal” enough to have the PCs feel comfortable and capable, and “odd” enough that they aren’t always on truly stable footing.


So, most of the main characters are now listed (with bios full of completely superfluous info).

I will now be moving on to cultural, economic, and societal concerns, i.e.: flesh out some towns where general mayhem can occur.


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