King Edgar VIII - The Silver Defender

Lord of Vineghast


Hero. King. Drunk.

Ascended to the throne upon the death of his father, Edgar VII – The Gold Defender. (It is of constant annoyance to Edgar VIII that he is The Silver Defender.)

Much of Edgar VIII’s actions are designed and controlled by his deep sense of inferiority relating to his long-dead father. His father was a war hero who ascended upon the death of Simon III – The Fool of Wickerstaff during the Purple Coup of the Barbarian Hordes; Edgar VIII has had no chance to be a war hero, as he has reigned over a period of near-total peace.

Founded The Order of Complete Light as a means of rooting out the mysterious corpse-stealing evil that has existed in Vineghast for millenia (and also to establish his own feeling of martial glory).

King Edgar VIII - The Silver Defender

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