High Lord Scansberry

Erril Scansberry - High Lord of Abject Doom and Regent of Misinformation, Lore , & Creepy Noises


A level 6 wizard.


Erril Scansberry a High Lord in the death cult of Abject Doom under the command of Baron Lek.

He is the direct superior of the PCs, who report to him immediately upon his request. He also holds the office of Regent of Misinformation, Lore, & Creepy Noises, which means he deals with all tactics and knowledge related to distracting, waylaying, or otherwise confounding the machinations of the populace.

Scansberry is plagued by a frequent, hacking cough that has made him nearly worthless in field work – which suits him just fine. He spends most days happily sitting in massive library, sifting through correspondence from his many spies throughout the realm, whistling bawdy tunes to himself (albeit, in a stilted meter, because of the coughing).

High Lord Scansberry

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