Baron Lek

Dark Leader of Abject Doom


A level 9 warlock.


Baron Lek is the leader and infernal head of the secret society of Abject Doom. He is quiet, brooding, and intense. He speaks little and his words seem to be chosen with utmost care. He does not socialize, nor has he ever been spotted eating or drinking with company.

No members, even those who have reached the rank of High Lord within the society, truly know the Baron’s history; nor his age, or the reason for the soft crying that on occasion can be heard coming from his bed-chamber late at night.

He is followed at all times by a single Sken, which appears to have previously been a particularly thin girl in her late 20s. She is never seen to clean or perform labor. The only action she ever performs is to kneel at his side during meetings of the High Lords, during which he rests a hand upon the top of her head.

Baron Lek

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