Abject Doom

A secret society of necromancers, warlocks, and dark wizards responsible for procuring a nearly-endless supply of corpses. But, to what ends?

The seat of power of Abject Doom resides in an ancient Elven temple deep within Mount Thelan in Western Vineghast. The temple, and the surrounding bedrock, are riddled with caves, grand dark chambers, various storage rooms, vaults, and burrows. It is so circuitous and vast that a member could wander for ages and not see even a tenth of its rooms. It is poorly-lit, somber, and frequently reeks of liver and onions (prepared for dinner every-other Tuesday).

However, a few dozen members (those of the lowest prestige and station) live out amongst the peasantry in the cities and villages of Vineghast, as a means of quickly capturing any fresh corpses.

The society is thought to consist of roughly 100 members in total (not counting the dozens of Skens used as servants, and the four Howlers), but only Baron Lek knows for certain.

The players are members of this secret society (reporting to High Lord Scansberry) and are housed in one of its dormitories – specifically: The Screaming Corridors, Room 32H.

Abject Doom

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