Vineghastian Church

The Vineghastian Church – Administered by Bishop Hanslen – is the official church of the fiefdom of Vineghast. Its tenents concern themselves predominantly with 3 areas:

- The proper preparation and serving of squackleduck – a breed of fowl native solely to the wetlands of Central Vineghast. It is to be served only on Saturday lunch with it’s heavily-breaded and fried wings aimed in the North-Westerly and South-Easterly directions (along with a multitude of other specific requirements).

- The virtuous payment of taxes to the Crown and to the seat of the Church under Vineghast’s exhaustively complicated taxation system. Church servants, known as Clinkmen, are sent out into the cities and villages annually to calculate and collect the correct revenues from all of the peasantry.

- Sporadic teachings of the spiritual or religious variety: the source and destiny of the soul, the meaning of existence, the purpose of honor and love, etc., etc.

Vineghastian Church

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